Oh what a beautiful day!

He remembered (am pretending to be surprised, can you tell?)!

It was a practically perfect day. Here’s how:
1) Lovely mother’s day card
2) Lay-in till 10am (daddy took care of H while I had extra sleep)
3) Cuppa tea and breakfast made for me (not in bed, which would have rocked, but good enough all the same)
4) Suddenly realised I’d forgotten to take the meat out of the freezer the night before for the “in-laws” who I was cooking for later that day….whoops! The blessing in disguise was that I got to take a trip to Waitrose and have a browse around at my own leisure while daddy took care of H at home. I LUURRRVE Waitrose.
5) H sleeping when I got back (slept for 2.5 hours – really long for him but he’d been sick during the night poor little thing and he didn’t have a sleep all morning) so I was able to get on and clean up the kitchen. Even cleaned the cooker!
6) Spent rest of afternoon cooking roast pork and roast chicken with ALL the trimmings. Love cooking, so this was a treat for me!
7) Good company, ample tasty food and then lots of cuddles from a sleepy H who I got to put to bed, snoozing myself.
Speaking to my mum on the phone in the am, I had to ask if it’s wrong that the thing I most looked forward to about mother’s day is not having to be a mum for the day?!
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