Employment v’s Self Employment

I had an interview tomorrow morning. I was supposed to plan a presentation. It was for a full time role with a government quango. 9 to 5. Full time salary. Paid holiday. Paid sick leave. Very respectable.

Only……..when I got up this morning, I took H to his nan’s (arrived a bit after 9am, but to be honest, that’s early for Mondays!)….I spoke to a lovely lady who is really keen for me to help her promote her dance classes and regional festivals. She really listened to what I had to say and wanted to share all her thoughts on the development of her business with me.
On I went….
The sun shone and it was so warm outside, I got to wear no sleeves and it felt like spring. I drove up to the unit of the business owned by the directors who are always pleased to see me. They want me to sell what they do to the world! They believe I’m the only person for the job.
On I went….
I popped into my dad’s. He’s been unwell and it’s been getting him down but today I was greeted with his warmest smile…his face was aglow and he looked 10 years younger! He made me a cuppa and we chatted about this interview. He’s worried about me. He knows I could use a bit of stability at the moment.
Still the sun shone and my skin felt warm when I stepped outside.
On I went……
I popped into town as I had some bank stuff to sort and needed a toothbrush for H as I chucked his away at the weekend by mistake without a spare as back up.
I missed a call on my mobile. It was a bloke from the company I was having the interview with. He left a message for ‘Jane’ and said I hadn’t completed the questionnaire he’d emailed. I hadn’t seen an email and…clearly…my name isn’t Jane. So I called him back. Told him I thought he’d left a message on the wrong phone. Turns out it wasn’t. He had got my name wrong but apparently he’d got the right email, right phone number etc so it MUST be me got it all wrong. He took a very sarcastic tone. He told me I had to complete said questionnaire by this afternoon. “So will you still be coming to the interview tomorrow?”. “Yes” I said reluctantly.
I put the phone down. Then I thought about it. A lot. Later, I called him back. Told him I’d been offered an excellent opportunity which I couldn’t refuse and that….by the way…I never did get that email he said he’d sent me (which was true). Mr Sarcastic took that tone again. He said ‘Isn’t it odd…I sent out 6 emails personally and everyone else received theirs”. I felt like I was in school. Only my teachers were never that patronising. I knew I’d made the right decision there and then…….
Ironically, the role would have been promoting self employment to the unemployed. I think I’d have been good at that. I could start off by telling them how it beats being employed by an Arse.
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