Catch up

Over a month! Good grief! How did I ‘lose’ a month?!

Let’s think……business trip to Portugal (result!)….took H with me and mum babysat for 2 days at her place (she lives there…result number 2!) while I stayed in a villa on a top golfing resort out there (result number 3)!
Great trip…..just the start of what should develop to be a fantastic venture. Loads has happened with this since and I can’t wait to get going! Am becoming a shareholder in the company, thereby involved in a role to develop things which need to be done in order to make it happen, plus an opportunity to get sales on board in order to get instant cash in the bank.
Mum came over from Portugal a week ago and has been sitting for H for me, allowing me time to get things going at my end. Have my first appointment to start on the sales side next week. Already being well received.
Couldn’t have done it without mum. Have got childcare covered for 3 days a week, but it’s not enough in order to cover everything and so her time is invaluable at the moment. Think I’ll increase nursery days when I can. So the dilemma is….do I give up time with my bubba in order to develop something which could seriously change all our lives….or do I go for it on the business side. To be honest, I know I’ll be a better person for getting my work life and finances sorted out and whilst I’ll never get back this time with the little one, I won’t have many opportunities like this ever again either. Being involved in this business is exciting. It makes me feel productive and useful. Right at this moment in time, I need this. H is a very happy baby and I believe this is as a direct result of having so many people he can trust in his life …i.e. those who are looking after him regularly….my dad, my partner’s mum, the girls at nursery…..and me and daddy of course! Making this move can surely only improve his life?
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