On a Roll

Great week work-wise this last week……….work I’ve been doing speculatively is paying off for those I’ve been doing it for. It’s taken nearly 6 months to get here, so about blimin time! As a family, we’ve struggled more than me or my other half, Darren, has ever had to during this time. I know there are people out there feeling it worse, but you can only compare with what you’re personally used to, can’t you? Darren has been a rock to be fair. Patiently allowing me to do what I think is best, regardless of the fact that we’re only just scraping the bills through. So important to get that support. If he’d been anything other way, I would probably be stuck in some crappy 9 to 5 right now through pure guilt, if nothing else!

So….whilst still waiting on the cash to come rolling in…..it’s all looking very promising right now. PLUS I noticed that I’d had some extra tax credits paid into my bank account. When I decided to go for it on the self employed front and stop signing on for jobseekers allowance, I discovered that I was initially losing money due to childcare costs (i.e. working more than 16 hours per week BUT once childcare is taken off, I’m making less money than I did when I was receiving jobseekers…an age old dilemma for the unemployed, I’m sure). I contacted the revenue on the off chance to advise them of my change in circumstances and since then, have had an extra payment in the bank account under ‘Child Tax Credit’. Worth checking when you’re starting out in order to get your correct entitlement – if you aren’t entitled, what have you lost? If you don’t ask, you will NOT get. See http://www.hmrc.gov.uk/taxcredits
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