Tax Credits – Get what you’re entitled to!

My first BIG lesson on being a working mum – GET WHAT YOU’RE ENTITLED TO!!  Whether you think you’re entitled to it or not, it is worth a call to the Inland Revenue – Helpline 0845 300 3900 (open 8am to 8pm) to discuss whether you can claim for help.

Yes, there is a fair bit of information you need to give them, but I’ve had a letter which tells me I am entitled to over £180 per month.  Have called them this am as they’d got some of my details wrong, but they base the figures on your previous year’s income (so if you’ve been on maternity for a portion of this, this could well mean that you’ve been on somewhat lower than you’re used to) so I will still be entitled to this.  I might end up having to pay some back later, but at the moment, whilst setting myself up in business, this is something I could really do with!
For the sake of a phone call which might take….what….an hour at the very most…..surely it has to be worth the effort!  Apart from the time it takes to make that call, there’s nothing to lose and if you ARE entitled, you could find yourself being paid the highest hourly rate for that one call than you’ll make in the whole of your employment / self employment this year!
Don’t wait – call NOW!
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