Everybody needs good neighbours!

H had the devil in him today!

Think this is a direct result of having mum over to stay for the last 2 weeks (she lives abroad – highly inconsiderate of her!).  He’s had every single bit of her attention (as all good grandma’s will ensure) but she went back yesterday and now he’s expecting the same levels of attentiveness from me!

Whilst it has been a long, hard day together, I wouldn’t switch it for anything – having mum here the last 2 weeks has been bliss!

My lovely neighbour feels sorry for me!  By 4pm this afternoon when H and I were sitting in the garden and he was not happy with anything (super tired) at all, I was totally knackered AND had a really important couple of emails to compose before close of play (which simply hadn’t been possible with Mister persistently ‘requesting’ –  in his best possible pointing / grunting / angry face form of language – Tiggers Song on Youtube every time I attempted to use the laptop!).

My neighbour came out to chat.  She knew my mum had gone home and the next thing I know, she’s asking H if he wants to come inside with her.  I couldn’t hide the joy in my face!  Bless him, I love him to bits, but my neighbour was truly my rescuer at this particular moment in time!   I did ask her later if I was a bit too quick off the mark in agreeing to her offer!  She replied that she ‘understands how it is, sometimes you just need a break don’t you??!’ and winked!   Something about having that little bit of extra help without it being planned that just makes the time out all that much sweeter too!  🙂

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