Bad Blogger

Oh dear, I’ve been a very bad blogger…please forgive me, it’s been almost 2 weeks since my last confession!

It doesn’t help that H has been rushing around on his feet, going from strength to strength!  Exhausting!  Aww…it’s so funny though…as he walks towards us he looks like a little zombie with his arms out in front of him, helping him balance!  Time to put child safety locks on all the top drawers and move everything away from the front of the worktops, tables and general surfaces.
He’s also learnt how to tickle me under the chin, which he finds hilarious!
Work-wise, things are moving slowly.  Took some time out to think about the effectiveness…or ineffectiveness of working 3 days a week and spreading myself thin between clients for whom I’m doing a lot of speculative work.  In actual fact, I realised that this isn’t really the problem at all, more the case that I’m not applying myself or focusing on the things that count.  I need to give myself a serious kick up the backside and step up a gear.  I know that I have a huge capacity for taking on more and more work, providing I know what I’ve got to take on, but I seem to have set to one side everything I know about time management, targets and to do’s and have been coasting through my work life and not setting myself any real challenges.
So confession this is.
It changes from this week onwards.
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