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How not to be a yummy mummy: Selling your child on ebay

I notice that on my facebook newsfeed today, a very good Mummy friend of mine is preparing to sell her two children on Ebay……… Trouble is, I hear that the market is somewhat saturated at this time of the year! Advertisements

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One way to get the neighbours alarm bells ringing!

Is it seriously only 8.30am?! <groans> What a flippin day I’ve (already!) had!  Yummy Mummy would be horrified! Boo goes to nursery on a Wednesday and I try and get him there by 8am, as they give him his breakfast, … Continue reading

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The sun always shines…until I leave the house

Yesterday I waited for the rain to come and when it didn’t and looked like it was going to be brighter, I got us all ready and stepped out of the house. Quarter of the way towards my destination, I … Continue reading

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Less is more

As part of my quest for Yummy Mummy status, I decided in June of this year that it was time I stopped wearing my maternity clobber (only 17 months after actually giving birth!).  Am currently following Slimming World – I … Continue reading

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Spotted #1………

Spotted this morning…… Regular Mum in her dressing gown and slippers, seeing off her little girl’s Dad to work from the garden. Never a look for Yummy Mummy! I guess Regular Mum figured it was too early to worry about … Continue reading

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Emergency? Whatever!

This morning, I found myself in my usual half-sleep, urging my partner NOT to go in and kiss our son goodbye, in the vague hope that he would have a lie-in (as if!).  Boo woke while Darren busied himself downstairs … Continue reading

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Too late for Tamazapam!

So tonight I start my blog.  It has taken me hours to get to this point and now it’s too late for Tamazapam to help me sleep.  Damn! I’m certain that ‘Yummy Mummy’ doesn’t need to take such a thing….her … Continue reading

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