One way to get the neighbours alarm bells ringing!

Is it seriously only 8.30am?! <groans>

What a flippin day I’ve (already!) had!  Yummy Mummy would be horrified!

Boo goes to nursery on a Wednesday and I try and get him there by 8am, as they give him his breakfast, which is THE best distraction for him as he’s right in there, waving me off instead of the tears we got when he first started.  So I tend to just clean teeth (both of us), scrub him up a bit and get him dressed, chuck on some clothes, scrape my hair back (yes, yes, Yummy Mummy…I KNOW it’s wrong!), sort his bag of bits out and get him up there as soon as I can, come back and get myself sorted.

Today I got us all ready to go out the door, locked up (Boo in one arm, bags in other…the usual donkey thing, you know), got to the car, opened up, chucked all the usual bits in….just about to throw Boo in the back (currently I’m living with a 2 door car and it’s essential to get the full power of momentum up in order to get him in the seat itself) when I realised ‘no car seat’…aah….(had used it in my Dad’s car the day before)…..what is a girl to do?  The car seat is a no-brainer, but couldn’t I just get away with leaving Boo in the car, nipping back to the house (it’s down some steps but I can see the car from my door), grabbing the car seat and rushing back again?  Go on…no one will know.

So that’s what I did. Boo LOVES playing cars anyway, so I figured it would work for him and it’s just that difference between being able to ‘nip’ in and being weighted down by a heavy toddler…….

Only I locked the car (so he couldn’t get out / others couldn’t get in) and as I stepped back out of the house….the alarm went off.

Now.  I don’t know if you’ve ever heard a car alarm like mine, but it’s truly a musical masterpiece.  For those who haven’t heard this kind before, let me demonstrate…….

It starts with a

Beeeeeep beeeeeep beeeeeeep beeeeeeep (the norm)….then quickly ascends into a concerto……..

Whooooooooo whoooooooooo whooooooooooo……………….EEEeeeeeeeerrrrggggghhhh….. EEEeeeeeeeerrrrggggghhhh…..EEEeeeeeeeerrrrggggghhhh…..neeenaaar, neeenaaar, neeenaaar………burrrrlinggggg, burrrrrrlinggggg, burrrrrrlinggggg…………need I say more.

I couldn’t make it stop from the house.  By the time I’d locked up and got to the car again, I could feel the curtains twitching and one of the neighbours had specially come outside on his pathway and was actually laughing at me.  So yes, I was embarrassed to have become the local alarm clock, but more importantly, I was shamed into guilt at the fact they would more than likely have seen Boo stood up at the steering wheel, excited by all the commotion but oblivious to the fact that Mummy had been so very reckless with her precious little one!

Ok…so you’ve got to get on and get over it, so (a little flushed) I took Boo to nursery, dropped him off, had the usual ‘how’s he been’ chat with his key worker while other mummies wandered through and nodded past me…when I got to the car, I sighed with relief, checked the mirror….TOOTHPASTE in a line across my top lip! Oh the humiliation!

Furiously rubbing it off, I accepted there was nothing I could do and just wanted to get home.  When I walked in the door, I could smell cooking.  When I checked, the top oven was on and I know Darren doesn’t do cooking at the best of times, so Boo has clearly now worked out how to do that, which is one more thing to worry about! Thank gawd I was coming straight home and not going out to work for the day!

Then I could NOT find my mobile.  I called it, no answer.  I felt a little bit of tension in my chest. Like most people, that phone has more than just a few numbers in it…it has my email connected, it’s more often than not, how I use facebook (and more recently, how I’m checking my tweets), it’s got pics and videos which I haven’t downloaded.  I’m a bit rubbish with it in the evenings though (usually because it’s run out of battery by then due to the bashing I give it during the day) I looked about in the ‘usual’ places, no joy. I knew that the only bag I’d had on me yesterday was the one I use for Boo.  Given that a couple of weeks ago, Boo’s cheap Tesco’s coat had apparently gone ‘missing’ at nursery, I wasn’t about to risk my beloved android going walkies too. So I shot back up there.  As I did, my body was gripped by panic. I was showing the signs of a technology addict.  I was picturing my bleak future few days (or…gulp!….longer) without my phone.  As I walked up to Boo’s bag, I realised I may need to fight back tears if it wasn’t there….found it! I hugged my phone to me just a little bit!

So on reflection, now that I’ve got my phone back, the morning’s events don’t seem nearly so bad! And my day can only get better, right? 😉

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