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I stood up to my boss for the friend I believed in

In a slight move from my normal quest for Yummy Mummy status, this is written in response to Josie’s Writing Workshop at Sleep is for the Weak.  I could actually have related this to a few of the suggested prompts.  … Continue reading

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Are socks and sandals ever OK?

Off on a recent walk, on our way out of the door I decided that Boo’s brown sandals (£1.49 charity shop George at Asda bargain!) completed his outfit better than any of his other shoes.  It wasn’t particularly warm out … Continue reading

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Daddy good, Mummy BAD!

Recently, I’ve picked up on a number of little comments Darren makes to Boo during their Daddy/Boo time together, while I’m busy doing other things.  To quote: “Let’s ask Mummy if you can have a biscuit, shall we?” “Uh-uuuuuuh….Mummy says … Continue reading

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