Daddy good, Mummy BAD!

Recently, I’ve picked up on a number of little comments Darren makes to Boo during their Daddy/Boo time together, while I’m busy doing other things.  To quote:

“Let’s ask Mummy if you can have a biscuit, shall we?”

“Uh-uuuuuuh….Mummy says ‘No’!”

“What has Mummy told you about that!”

……to name but a few.

Hmmm.  I can see where this is going! I’m thinking good cop, bad cop and I’m Gene Hunt! Not sure how I feel about this.  To be fair, it’s how my parents worked.  My Mum had a lethal stare, guaranteed to produce the desired effect every time.  I don’t remember Dad telling me off at all unless it went that bit too far, in which case the mere threat of ‘I’ll get the wooden spoon from the cupboard’ sent me into an apologetic I-promise-to-be-an-angel-Daddy mode.

I’ve been practising that ‘look of death’ of my Mum’s ever since I was pregnant, but not certain I’ve mastered it yet. However, do I really want to play bad cop to Daddy’s good cop?  Will have to give this some considered thought……

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2 Responses to Daddy good, Mummy BAD!

  1. Just thought I’d let you know, I’m watching – wink wink!!

    I was never able to master the look of death; Amy, my 10 yr old, is autistic and find facial expressions difficult to understand! So it kinda backfired on me!

    CJ xx

    • lizzyo22 says:

      Gosh, it seems on a daily basis that I learn how other parents are having to think about / adapt so much more than I have to, via this world of blogging! Makes me feel really quite humbled. Thank you for taking the time to comment and for letting me know you’ve been here – you know what an irrational old paranoid I am!! 😉

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