Are socks and sandals ever OK?

Baby socks and George, Asda sandals

How can anything this little foot wears be considered objectionable?

Off on a recent walk, on our way out of the door I decided that Boo’s brown sandals (£1.49 charity shop George at Asda bargain!) completed his outfit better than any of his other shoes.  It wasn’t particularly warm out (quelle surprise!), so I put a pair of socks on him first, to which Darren let out a gasp of horror and proceeded to try and wrestle our son’s shoes off me.  “No! No! No!” he insisted.  “But, it isn’t warm enough for him to wear just his sandals”, I retorted “and besides, he’s only little, it’s cute!”.  “Socks and sandals are NEVER ‘cute’!” Darren hissed.

He eventually gave up the fight, but wanted to make it clear that it wouldn’t be allowed in Daddy’s school of fashion.

I would like to state at this point that I don’t condone the general wearing of socks and sandals and I’m not even sure where the cut-off point is, in terms of age. Surely, though, Boo can get away with it whilst he’s still a toddler?  Am I wrong?

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4 Responses to Are socks and sandals ever OK?

  1. ooh it is a risky world this one, my son often likes to don socks and sandles and he who helped create them tends to physically restrain him from leaving the house! however i also see the cuteness of it. I have had to put a ban on it happening at school tho!

    Good post – liking the blog,


    • lizzyo22 says:

      Thank you Jane! As your little boy is older than mine, perhaps you can give me the heads up and let me know when he gets to ‘that age’ by which it quickly turns from I-think-it’s-cute to should-be-illegal!? I guess we should allow our OH’s to continue to object – hopefully our boys will then learn from at least one of their parents that there’s something potentially sinister about it! Bodes well for the future!

  2. Sara says:

    I can’t get mine out of socks and crocs. Maybe when it snows I’ll finally win the battle…

    • lizzyo22 says:

      Thank you for visiting and for your comment Sara! As my other half has been known to threaten to set light to other people’s crocs (he really dislikes them that much!), I’ve avoided them wherever possible, even though (like the whole socks and sandals debate in general) I think they’re so cute on toddlers especially (and comfy and practical too!)! Crocs would clearly be a fire hazard in our home!!

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