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How to accept a compliment

Bear with me on this one, I feel the background information is necessary! Today’s blog post was going to be about how I went out of the house yesterday looking (in my book) far less than yummy.  I had a … Continue reading

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Corn on the Cob; Mum’s simple treat

Prompted by Beckicklesie’s Oui Chef challenge (there’s still time to get your posts included!), I couldn’t help myself but purchase corn on the cob earlier this month. Somehow, my own mother convinced both my sister and I that this was … Continue reading

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Spotted #2……..

………a group of mums doing pushchair aerobics.  “That sounds yummy to me”, one might think.  A group of mums taking an active interest in looking great.  Keeping themselves in shape…. However, they were conducting their workout in a public car … Continue reading

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Chocolate cupcake, anyone?

So in my never-ending quest for Yummy Mummy status, I believe that a key prerequisite is the innate ability to produce the most delicious, cutest little cupcakes.  Y’know.  The sort you see in magazines on pretty Cath Kidston plates.  I’m … Continue reading

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