Chocolate cupcake, anyone?

So in my never-ending quest for Yummy Mummy status, I believe that a key prerequisite is the innate ability to produce the most delicious, cutest little cupcakes.  Y’know.  The sort you see in magazines on pretty Cath Kidston plates.  I’m pretty sure there will be a general consensus on that one.

I have related experience.  I make an ok victoria sponge.  Edible fairy cakes.  I have even tried my hand at novelty cakes (only for very close friends who are guaranteed to be suitably delighted, of course) including a teddy bears’ picnic cake and a giant willy (very, very different birthday parties!).

Ok, so my cupcake mission was prompted firstly by chocolate-loving SIL’s 30th birthday (and a lack of funds for a suitably celebratory gift) and secondly, by this post from the highly talented and clearly VERY yummy Working Mum on the Verge and her incredibly stunning far-too-beautiful-to-eat maple syrup and pecan cupcakes.  Working Mum on the Verge very kindly pointed me in the direction of her chocolate cupcake recipes and I decided to go with the Easter Cupcakes.

Only trouble was, backed by my extensive, whole 10 minutes of cupcake making experience, I decided to go ‘off-recipe’ and add a chunk of chocolate to the centre of each cake (something I vaguely remembered my mum used to do when I was little, but thinking about it, probably using a completely different combination of cake mixture ingredients altogether!).  Most of them sank in the middle (apparently this cake mixture doesn’t float on melted chocolate centres).  But I managed to rescue 6, added the chocolate frosting (made with a smidging of Baileys) and….Voila! Cupcakes! Ok, so they don’t look pretty enough to sit on Cath’s finest, but I’m happy with my first attempt, SIL wasn’t complaining, there’s room for improvement (er…lots of room) and they tasted good. Plus I learnt a lesson. Always follow the instructions! Until next time then…..

Chocolate cupcake

They tasted good. At least that's a start.

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4 Responses to Chocolate cupcake, anyone?

  1. Janie says:

    Hmmm… where’s mine… ;o)

  2. the dotterel says:

    Instructions? What are instructions? Cooking, baking, cake-making are all jazz improvs in our house…

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