How to accept a compliment

Take a good look in the mirror and learn to accept a compliment

Bear with me on this one, I feel the background information is necessary!

Today’s blog post was going to be about how I went out of the house yesterday looking (in my book) far less than yummy.  I had a bit of time to kill whilst sat alone in a waiting room at the local hospital (waiting for Darren…nothing serious!) and I’d taken a notepad and pen in anticipation of a moment’s inspiration (have to make the most of getting that kind of time to myself these days!).  I wrote it all down…fervently picking to pieces every aspect of my overall look.  I’d got ready in a hurry (as is the norm these days) and really hadn’t given much thought to my appearance.  Curiously, this blatant self-criticism gave me a means of catharsis.  I look like a flippin’ mess, but I KNOW I look a mess…so that makes it ok then!

Smirking to myself I put the notepad away.  When Darren was done, we drove directly from there to meet my bessie, waiting patiently to have lunch with us at the pub.  On walking in, I was greeted with a huge “Oh my goodness, you look fantastic!” and “Wow! Your hair looks really different too….it’s gorgeous!”.  Now, you may be thinking…”Doh, yeah! She’s your bessie….that’s her job!” Wrong! My bessie’s priority duty is to be completely honest with me and believe me…this particular bessie is top of her game!

So why didn’t I believe her?  If she’d told me I looked like crap I would have agreed immediately.  This unexpected shower of admiration caught me completely off guard and the usual awkward “Really? Oh my gosh, no! I look awful! I haven’t even done anything with my hair!” gushed from my under-glossed lips.  “In actual fact, I was going to write a blog today saying how bad I looked!”

My point is…we all know it isn’t yummy to throw a compliment back in anyone’s face (I’m pretty sure she didn’t take offence, but others could.  Effectively, it sounds like you’re saying your admirer has zero taste!) and I’m pretty sure that Yummy Mummy never puts herself down under any circumstances.  So, rather than writing my original post, I figured I’d give myself a good talking to and teach myself a lesson in how to accept a compliment graciously.

Here goes:

1) Immediate response must always be a 100% genuine “Thank you!” (immediacy is the key to a genuine response here…no matter what you think of yourself, there must have been an element of feeling every so slightly flattered that instant you hear something nice.  That’s your moment).

2) Accompany said “Thank you” with the big smile you know you felt inside (even if that was only for a little instant).

3) Actions 1 and 2 are plenty, however, if inclined to do so, point out what it is that made the praise possible (eg “Your hair looks great”.  Response; “Thank you *smile*. I decided to let it dry naturally today.  This is my ‘wild’ look.”)

4) Acknowledge anyone else who helped contribute to said compliment if appropriate (eg “Your hair looks great”.  Response; “Thank you *smile*. I just had it done.  My hairdresser is a genius.  This is my ‘glamour-puss’ look”. *Mew out loud* (not necessary, but I like to think I could!).

The end.  So simple, there really are no excuses.

Hidden lesson number two is that you really should give yourself a break.  The next time you look in the mirror, be your own best mate and be nice!

Do you accept a compliment easily?  If not, will you promise to do this with me next time? Let’s hope we get to practice very soon!

Image: by Eisenbahner

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One Response to How to accept a compliment

  1. Janie says:

    Ha! A more honest friend you couldn’t wish to find 😀

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