(Slimming World Friendly) Emergency Frozen pea and ham soup


Kate at The Five F’s recently started a meme encouraging some winter warming soup recipes to be shared.  Kirsty at Imperfect Pages kindly tagged me in this meme, which was very flattering, particularly as the said ‘recipes’ she’s mentioned I’ve included in the past have not been 100% successful!

As it happens though, soup is my thing!

The biggest reason I’m in love with soup is that when I’m on a weight adjustment kick (do you see the way I did that?), soup is my guarantee to weight loss.  My ‘adjustments’ tend to involve following Slimming World principles.  I have been to a meeting.  Once.  It wasn’t for me.  But whether you attend the weekly groups or otherwise, I can’t recommend the diet itself more highly.  Soups work WELL on Slimming World. If you think making soup from scratch is too time consuming, you are wrong.  Filling the saucepan up with a whole bunch of syn-free meats or veggies, bulking this out with pasta, lentils, noodles, beans or rice (again all syn-free) is quick, simple and can deliver amazing results for an entire meal.  Basically, grab a saucepan, throw in as much ‘free’ food as possible, invest in a flask and you’ll never be hungry again!

Just to prove that you should never have to listen to your stomach rumble for any length of time , here’s a souper quick, souper easy, delicious recipe.  I make no apologies for using frozen / dried / tinned ingredients. I often make soups from much fresher produce, but this is an emergency filler-upper and one which you could probably make right now as you’re bound to have the ingredients in your kitchen! It’s almost as quick as heating up a soup-in-a-can.

I’m afraid that measurements tend to apply only to my own size and shape and are NOT my thing when it comes to soups (have tried to include an idea on quantities below where possible).  Generally, it’s all done according to taste and preferred texture.


1 Onion, a bag of frozen peas, a veggie stock cube, ham, dried mint, macaroni (or other small sized pasta)

Chop one onion and fry in frylight (Slimming World essential, though any kind of oil if you’re lucky enough not to be ‘adjusting’ your own personal scales at the moment!) in a saucepan….add lots of frozen peas….cover with water so that it’s just above pea-level(!), add veggie stock cube and heat up.

Once heated, use a hand-blender to puree the soup.

Add a handful more frozen peas, plus some chopped up ham (I tend to use the 100% meat tinned ham as you can chop it up in big chunks, but I guess any kind of ham would do the trick, especially thick-sliced deli ham.  If you don’t have any ham, this soup works just as well without it!), just a shake of dried mint and a small handful of macaroni (needs to be a small sized pasta, though would also work well with broken pieces of spaghetti or quinoa.  Make sure you don’t put too much in or you’ll end up with a pasta dish and not a soup! However, this is delicious the following day heated up with a bit of extra pasta in it as less of a liquid lunch).

Heat until pasta is tender.

Eat and enjoy! FREE of syns! Yummy!

And so to pass on the meme mantle!

I have to say I’m afraid I’m not particularly familiar with the etiquette involved in this so I’m going to suggest Working Mum on the Verge who regularly inspires me with her culinary delights and Janie at The Hedge Combers whom I know will have something wholesome and hearty to share with us all.

Stay full and slim!

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4 Responses to (Slimming World Friendly) Emergency Frozen pea and ham soup

  1. Working Mum says:

    Delighted! I LOVE soups and make my own every Monday,trying out different recipes. Will post my own recipe soon – (very hectic at moment, blogging being a bit neglected, I know)

    • lizzyo22 says:

      Fantastic! I just knew you would be a top soup-maker! I look forward to reading it! Also, I like your idea of having a ‘soup day’ Monday. Especially as this is just after Sunday roast, so stock can be used up quickly too. Might adopt this myself!

  2. love the sound of this soup – will certainly be trying!

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