Christmas Make and Do – Gift tags

This Christmas I’m ‘making’ and ‘doing’.  If I can pull this off, I will deem it a successful step towards gaining yummy mummy status!  I planned ahead (my New Year’s resolution in January was to be prepared for Christmas this year, prompted by the previous last minute madness) and so far, I am pleased with the results (will photograph and post gifts made to date shortly).

In the meantime, I have been thinking about the presentation of said pressies as I’m now gradually running out of time and may be working a fair bit more in December than expected.  Today I had some inspiration.  I love the Vistaprint concept.  I’m fairly sure that if you haven’t heard of Vistaprint, you’re clearly not on the internet as much as I am! Their advertising is all over it and freebies are regularly offered.

I wanted to sort out some kind of label for my gifts and was thinking about making something, but I do like a professional looking finish if I can manage it and it occurred to me that I may be able to customise the free business cards offered by Vistaprint, using these as tags.  A few steps later and I’ve got 250 of these on the way:

Gift tag for Handmade items from us

Insert 'from' details of choice

I like this design as I think it fits my handmade theme, being quite muted and traditional.  There are loads of designs to choose from though.  I’ve avoided mentioning the word ‘Christmas’ anywhere as I figured that with so many of these, they will come in useful for any handmade gift occasion!  As the card is a matt finish, it means I can handwrite the recipient’s name myself above the printed message. I will punch a hole in one of the corners and tie the tag to the appropriate gift. In order to qualify for the free product, Vistaprint will print their own details on the back of the card, but I figured that if I want to cover this (it’s only a one-liner so I might not bother), I will recycle some old Christmas cards and stick something festive on the back.

This was easy done too! Simply go to Vistaprint (click here) and select Free Business Cards under the Free Products section and follow the instructions from there.  Note: When it comes to the personalisation, you can use as many or as few of the suggested lines of text as you want to and you can input any text here (for example, you don’t have to put an actual number into the ‘telephone number’ line).

Vistaprint will look to upsell as you go through the checkout process.  I personally welcome this as there are still lots of great deals, but you don’t have to accept any of the alternatives and so your item can still be free if you stick to the standard version!

Warning: Delivery is not free.  If you order now, you can go with 3 week shipping and still be in plenty of time for Christmas, which cost me £3.62 including VAT.

Am looking forward to finishing my pressies off now!

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