Wednesdays are full of simple pleasures

Work at home


I LOVE Wednesdays! Tuesday night is my new Friday night.  I get a warm fuzzy feeling when I go to bed and a big smile creeps onto my face when I wake up in the morning.

There is a Wednesday routine.  Boo and I start by cleaning our teeth, then I get him washed and dressed.  I throw on some jeans and something cosy, drag my hair up (Yummy mummy fail! But do you know what? Make-up, heels and clothing with some kind of leopard print / faux fur / other ‘this season’ must-have, do NOT belong to my Wednesday morning), put a few nappies in his ready-prepared bag and we shoot up to nursery for his weekly fix.  I’m so lucky.  He appears to love going to nursery.

I don’t even have to think about his breakfast, let alone lunch and dinner.  Bliss!

Then it’s home.  I drive straight into my parking space as there’s no need to do the usual reverse manoeuvre to make sure I’m facing downhill and can get Boo out of his chair more easily.  Surprisingly satisfying!

I walk into a very quiet house and I religiously make myself 2 x poached eggs on 2 slices of toast (with cottage cheese if it’s in the fridge and smoked salmon if I’ve planned REALLY well) and enjoy this to myself (i.e. not having to share every other mouthful even though he’s had his own breakfast) sitting in front of grown up tv.  Fabulous!

Then it’s time for a luxurious shower.  By this, I mean one which isn’t disturbed or cut short by a little face appearing, throwing in various bath toys and occasionally attempting the odd non-waterproof item depending on how much attention he’s craving that particular morning! Heaven!

Next I find the spot I’ll be most comfortable in for the day (this ends up tending NOT to be my office for some strange reason), put my laptop on, check my emails, check in with Facebook / Twitter, maybe write a little blog post and generally get on with my working day.  I write copy about diverse businesses, always learning something new.  I make calls and have adult conversations.  Sometimes I get dressed up and go out for a meeting.  Sometimes I lay on the sofa in my comfiest clothes, heating on and regular cuppas, tapping away at my laptop.  Throughout the day I can get more than one load of washing on, out AND back in again and hardly notice I’m doing it! Brilliant!

I break for lunch (haven’t had to think about this in advance either.  I’ll just have a little bit of something I fancy!) and maybe have a read, spend a water-cooler moment or two tweeting away, make a quick catch up call to my mum, or sister, watch ‘Doctors’ (one of my guilty pleasures) or something equally trashy.  I might, just might, dare to have a little snooze!  Zzzzzzzzz!

At around 4.30pm I often start getting dinner going.  No issues with hot ovens/ saucepans and trying to come up with new ways to keep a certain little person entertained and out of the kitchen.  I can even open the cupboard which contains the biscuit barrel without any ‘I want’s’, tears or tantrums.  Hoorah!

Darren arrives home at around 5pm and we have a proper catch up and get a couple of chores completed between us.  I might even sneak in a little snog! Yay!

Then my favourite part.  Just before 6pm I go to pick up my Boo.  When he sees me at the door, no matter where he is in the room, he runs.  And runs.  Arms open wide, he grabs hold of my leg and hugs it briefly, before I sweep him up and give him a hug back.  He happily sits and listens and strokes my face and plays with whatever I’m wearing, while I’m updated on the days activities and then he waves an enthusiastic goodbye and we’re off.  Perfect!

We’ll happily play and read together before bedtime and it NEVER feels like I’m forcing the issue (I’m sure Yummy Mummy has a genuine smile on her face at the end of every single day with her child, but in reality, it doesn’t always work out like this for me).  I’m energised, revitalised and ready to carry on working into the evening (once I’ve had chance to put Boo to bed) without feeling tired at all.

These are the reasons why Wednesdays have become my official favourite day of the week and why they are full of such simple pleasures, which I should recognise and celebrate.  Why it’s important to me, personally, to have work in my life and why working from home suits me well.  Why I love to be me, but how I will always be Mummy.

What are your simple pleasures in life?

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2 Responses to Wednesdays are full of simple pleasures

  1. wednesday sounds fab at yours – can i come for lunch? and doctors????


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