I found my voice!

Me doing Twitter Singup KaraokeI recently found myself diverted by a link I saw on Twitter.  It took me to the blog of The Bald Hiker and a blog post with a selection of videos featuring people from all over the world happily singing songs karaoke style and it made me smile.  A lot.

I couldn’t help but mention my thanks to the originator of said Twitter Singup (@paul_steele).  He came straight back to me (he’s got over 77,000 followers and counting and STILL finds time to reply!) to say thanks and asked me if I wanted a go! No pushing, no challenging, just a friendly little ‘fancy a go?!’ The short version of this part of the story is that after an initial stomach churning moment, I found myself committing!  The woman who’s always sworn NEVER to do pub-karaoke in her life! Well…it wasn’t in the pub, it was ‘just’ on Youtube (have checked, it’s been watched 955 times so far!)  Eeeeep!.

I can’t tell a lie, I did put on make up! I did record my ‘line 1, second chorus’ of Dean Martin’s ‘Volare’ more than once! Overall, I do hope it comes across with the cheerful approach I wanted to give it (not too serious, not too rubbish!).  Even though during the whole ‘video’ process, I sometimes felt like I could just as happily be teetering over the edge of a cliff!

The point of my post is this.  Whether anyone liked it or not, I experienced a welcome side-effect to taking part in this apparently ‘insignificant’ activity.  It took me back to a time when I used to sing out loud and not just in the shower / car.  I used to sing in choirs.  I used to go carol singing door to door with the girl guides. I even sang on stage. It wasn’t because I wanted to perform, it was because I genuinely enjoyed singing out loud.  When I was a child, a teenager even.

The warmest, fuzziest feeling came over me when I’d done it.  All these memories of feeling a very simple sort of happiness came flooding back.  It made me feel great.  I began to reminisce about days when I was carefree, when hope and optimism flowed through my veins, when a four-letter word was ‘love’!  Most importantly, when being kind and happy was how I saw myself and how this made me proud.

Kindness and niceness seems to have gone out of fashion these days. Sarcastic wit is popular.  Nasty gossip is passed on.  Bad news sells papers.  ‘Merry’ is a state of drunkenness. Being referred to as ‘nice’ is practically an insult. What an odd world we live in! I’ve certainly been sucked into all this over the last 20 years or so and become tarnished by it.  I stopped singing too.

When I went into town the day after the above events took place, I was frantically waved at on the street by a lady who was fund-raising in the pouring rain.  I stopped.  She was stunned.  I listened as she told me passionately of her cause.  She stumbled a couple of times on her ‘pitch’ and told me that she was sorry, but she was so pleased I’d decided to talk to her.  As she summarised, it was my turn to be stunned.  She welled up.  She was really uncomfortable and embarrassed.  The ‘cynical’ would suggest it was for effect.  I was there and I’m not daft. She explained that she was sorry, but that no one else had stopped for her that day. We were both wet from the rain and I believed her.

I knew that I had been kind.  And do you know what? It felt REALLY good! Better than anything I’ve felt in a very long time.  I’m going to do it more.

I’m going to start by being kind to myself.  I realised that the original purpose of this blog was to consciously make me think about what I’ve done to ‘fail’ as a ‘yummy mummy’ during the course of the day.  How awful is that?!  I’m actually looking for reasons why I’m a ‘failure’!

And I’m not a failure.  So I’m officially granting myself initial ‘yummy mummy status’.

After all, to my Boo, I’m the yummiest mummy there is!

And I’m going to get yummier! Watch this space! xxx

PS I’m going to sing more too!  Whether you like it or not!

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5 Responses to I found my voice!

  1. Janie says:

    You’ve always been Kind and Happy even when you think you’re not xx

  2. Zarouhi says:

    ahhhh, what a lovely lovely post. I really enjoyed that, and you sound as though you have such a nice spirit. The fact that you even stop to think about those things, and to keep on trying to be the best and yummiest you already puts you well on the way! Great blog, and thanks so much for coming over to mine – I’ve commented back to your comment on the DIY hair escapade!

  3. Zarouhi says:

    btw, I’m mama-andmore!! ; )

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