Before and After; spooky date prediction!

I absolutely love Tara Cain’s ‘The Gallery’ feature on her fantastic blog Sticky Fingers but to date, I’ve never entered a photograph.  I had seen that this week’s theme was ‘before and after‘ and enjoyed many of the entries.  It was only tonight that I was sifting through, organising some piccies on my laptop, that I spotted these photos and realised that they formed my first ever entry to The Gallery!

The pic on the left was taken at my office Christmas party in December 2008.  Darren has always had a thing about his lucky number 22 and he beamed when he found we were sat at table number 22 that evening.  This was the end of the night.  As you can probably see, I was very heavily pregnant and Darren was extremely proud to have won a prize of a bottle of champers via the in-house casino.  Convinced his lucky number had done the trick, this was our celebration photo.

But…..was it celebrating an event that had already taken place before….or could it actually have been a prediction for a celebration to come?…..On 22nd January 2009, baby Boo was born by caesarean 6 days ahead of his due date. Noo, noo, noo, noo…noo, noo, noo, noo!  Spooky!

The Gallery Entry - Before our baby boy was born

BEFORE: Taken December 2008 - Was this a prediction of what was to come?

The Gallery Entry - After baby Boo was born

AFTER: Taken 22 January 2009, the day we celebrated the birth of our son

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4 Responses to Before and After; spooky date prediction!

  1. Emma says:

    Great take on before and after…. and love the fact your son was born on his Daddy’s lucky day!

  2. Mama Syder says:

    Very Spooky! Great Gallery entry! Popping by to say Hi

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