The Galaxy v’s Dairy Milk Yummy Chocolate Debate!

My other half gave up chocolate this year.  Prior to which he was the biggest male fan of the cocoa bean I Bar of Galaxy chocolate by 'Peter' ever met.  No more him bringing home giant bars of chocolate for an after-dinner treat.  Probably just as well really.  Aside from being better for our waistlines, this indulgent pleasure always prompted a little heated debate between us.  Y’see, Darren is (sorry, was!) a Dairy Milk Man.  Whereas I am 100% Galaxy Girl!

Darren’s view is that Dairy Milk has a cleaner taste and doesn’t seem to be as ‘sticky’ as Galaxy.

As far as I’m concerned, Galaxy offers the edge, with its silky smoothness.  It just seems that much more….hmmm….grown up?  Sexy?!

My favourite way to eat a bar of Galaxy is curled up in a ball on the sofa with a nice cuppa.  Slowly, I’ll taste it, chunk by delicious chunk, with as much delay in between each that I can manage to restrain myself by (I am convinced that this stage of the chocolate ritual is as a result of trying to ‘hide’ half a bar from my sister when I was little, so that she finished first and I still had some left to enjoy while she had to look on! Evil big sister!) I take a sip of tea JUST after putting a chunk on my tongue, in order to get the full, melted creaminess of that milky chocolate hit.  Not always necessary, but an added bonus would be if I were wearing pyjamas, dressing gown and slippers at the time of this special ‘moment’.  Perfect!

I took a trip over to both websites to see if I could find a less bias approach to the debate.Dairy Milk Chocolate Bar Cadbury’s site is most definitely the out-and-out winner on Christmas magic appeal.  One point to Cadbury.  Galaxy’s description of the best way to enjoy a galaxy moment is almost identical to my own ideal chocolate o’clock.  Methinks I must have been sucked in by Galaxy marketing somewhere along the line! A point for packaging up and branding the experience to Galaxy then! Did you know that these days, Dairy Milk is produced using Fairtrade Ghanaian cocoa beans, while Galaxy source their cocoa from Rainforest Alliance Certified(TM) farms?  Otherwise, there was no more significant information that could swing it here.

So I put it to the facebook vote.  I got the biggest response in the shortest amount of time I think I’ve ever had!!  Overwhelmingly, Galaxy is the most popular (so far!) with a massive 75% in favour and that doesn’t include those who greedily said ‘Both’!  ‘Very silky and more filling’ said one, ‘Galaxy every day of the week’ drooled another.  ‘Galaxy rules, but if there were only Dairy Milk on the table, it would be rude not to’ confirmed yet another.  ‘Galaxy first with a Dairy Milk chaser?’ suggested one.  Cries of ‘Want chocolate now!’ and ‘Has anyone got any chocolate?’ were followed by ‘Panic over…just found a massive bar of galaxy I forgot we had.  Must be the size of my laptop!’.  Galaxy and a cup of coffee appear to be a popular combo that they agree on.

Far from arguing about it, chocolate, it seems, gets people talking.  Chocolate, it seems, offers an immediate sense of a shared passion, thereby bringing people together!  Even Darren and I had to agree on the ‘Mmmms’, ‘Ahhhhs’ and knowing nods of the head that took place over our own individual giant slabs!  So let us not debate!  Have your favourite by all means, but let us simply join together and celebrate the wonderful food that is chocolate!

What could be more yummy?!  So what’s your favourite? How do you eat yours?

To celebrate with even more chocolate lovers, Beckicklesie’s Oui Chef challenge for November is, of course, ‘chocolate’.  Click here for more choccie-laden posts (just make sure you’re armed with a bar or two…you have been warned!).

Images: By Peter and Dairy Milk Bars @ wikimedia commons

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5 Responses to The Galaxy v’s Dairy Milk Yummy Chocolate Debate!

  1. bubbleboo says:

    Hmm, I agree with all of your points! Dairy Milk does taste ‘cleaner’ somehow, and I sometimes find Galaxy a little too sickly sweet.

    But then there are those times when only the sheer indulgence of Galaxy can hit the spot.

    But I don’t think I can really decided – especially when I’m related to the Cadbury family 😉 (Yes, *that* Cadbury family!)

  2. Beckicklesie says:

    ‘Slowly, I’ll taste it, chunk by delicious chunk, with as much delay in between each that I can manage to restrain myself by…’

    Had an orgasm… right there.

    Thanks for your entry. I’m with you – it has to be galaxy. Although, I can eat more Dairy Milk in one go, I don’t think it’s as rich.

    Becca xx

  3. Bb says:

    This is a difficult one, I love them both. I would usually eat dairy milk, with galaxy as a treat. Galaxy is just too sweet and silky to eat a lot, dairy milk is a light refreshing but delicious pick me up. But if there are Lindor truffles involved everything else goes in the bin! 😛

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