Our Christmas Tree of Happy Memories!

Baby Boo having fun exploring our memory tree at Christmas

Boo exploring our Christmas Memory Tree properly for the first time!

I am a HUGE fan of Christmas! I love everything about it and ever since I was a child, I have never once lost that feeling of magic it generates.  However, if I had to put my finger on which aspect of the silly season I MOST enjoy, it would have to be my Christmas Tree.

The ritual of putting up my Christmas Tree is one of the most important parts.  Out come the boxes, on goes Dean Martin and Nat King Cole’s Christmas CD (“Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire”……”Silent Night”………..”Oooooh, I’m the Happiest Christmas Tree”) up goes the tree and I settle into an afternoon of memories and a very calm, warm and fuzzy inner-me!

You see, my Christmas Tree is more than just a decoration in the corner of the room.  It is a memory tree.  I have collected baubles for some time now and every year, every time I pass my beautiful tree, I am reminded of the happy times I associate with these little records of my past.

I think it all started when I was very young, spending time with both my Grandma and Grandad and my Nan and Grandad at Christmas.  Grandma had a set of lights, each one in the shape of ‘cinderella’ carriages.  I remember that I would sit beside the tree and make up stories about all the little characters and items on the tree.  My Nan had little musical piskies (they each had some kind of instrument or songbook) who I was fascinated by.  So much so, that when my Nan sadly passed away last year, each of her children were given one of the ‘piskies’ and my Mum gave me hers for my memory tree.  Since putting up the tree this year, the first thing my Boo did was to pick up a Father Christmas character and have him pretend-kick the big glittery bauble next to him.  I was so very proud!

So, it would be rude not to share! Here are some of my favourites and why they are special to me and my family:

Christmas Tree Decoration with lucky musical piskie

Remembering those I loved and lost at Christmas

Approximately 50-60 years old (my Mum and her brother and sisters remember these from when they were very young), this little lucky Cornish Piskie originally belonged to my Nan and Grandad.  When my Nan passed away last year, each of her children took one of these little musical men and my Mum gave me hers.  It reminds me of all my grandparents, who sadly aren’t with me at Christmas any more.

Christmas Tree Bauble featuring Winnie the Pooh and his friends

Disney Florida Adventure

We went to Disneyland Florida for my Mum’s 50th birthday and I bought this bauble to remember it by.  Pooh, Piglet and Tigger making angels in the snow.

Christmas Tree Decoration from Disneyland Paris Christmas 2000

Magical New Year at Disneyland Paris

In 2000, some good friends and I went to Disneyland Paris for New Years Eve! It was truly a magical night!

Fluffy multi-coloured Christmas Tree BaublesLittle Girl in Red Christmas Tree Decoration

My Loving Family

One sad Christmas, I realised that my precious decorations had been moved in a box to Portugal with my mum by accident.  I cried and cried.  By way of trying to cheer me up, Darren bought me the fluffy coloured ones on the left and my sister bought me the little Red Riding Hood dolly decoration.  I remember feeling very touched by their                                                                 kindness.  Sob!

Christmas Tree Decoration featuring Las Vegas

A Holiday to Remember!

The year before I got pregnant with Boo, Darren and I had the most amazing holiday.  We went to the US, arrived in San Francisco for 3 days, drove to LA and stayed for 2, drove to Vegas for about 4 nights and then flew to New York for a further 5!

New York Santa Christmas Tree Decoration

We celebrated Christmas Day in Las Vegas and New Years Eve in New York.  Just fantastic!

I couldn’t resist some Christmas Tree decs to remember this once-in-a-lifetime trip.

New York Empire State Building Christmas Tree Decoration

Here we therefore have a bauble from Las Vegas with dice and dollars inside, a Santa Statue of Liberty and a Santa climbing the Empire State Building!

Red Sparkly Shoe Christmas Tree DecorationChristmas Tree Boots DecorationSparkly shoe Christmas Tree Decoration

My Alternative Shoe Collection!

I love shoes nearly as much as I love my tree.  My friends & family know this! Accordingly, the above are all welcome gifts! I particularly wish I had the red ones in a size 7!

Christmas Tree bauble featuring Matroyshka Doll

New Mummy

My oldest friend (I’ve known since we were 10) gave me this bauble the first Christmas I had Boo.  It features Russian Matryoshka Dolls – Matryoshka taken from the Latin word ‘mater’ meaning ‘mother’.  It is beautiful.  And very delicate. And represents a very special year.

Baby's first Christmas tree gift decorationsBaby’s First Christmas

These were all gifts from family and friends for Baby Boo on his first Christmas!

Tree decorations from portugal

Boo’s first Christmas was spent with Darren and I in Portugal at the home of my Mum and step-dad.  It was a wonderful family Christmas and these very traditional lookingclay Portuguese tree decorations will always remind me of it.

Baby's first Christmas decoration

My Gift to Boo

This was the decoration I bought for Boo last year on his first Christmas.  From Pastimes, it is made of a heavy metal (so it won’t ever break) and as you can see, it shows children’s toys.  I shall be carefully choosing this years’ tree decoration gift for Boo.

Long may this tradition continue! Super Yummy!

Pssst! Have just found this Christmas Decorations Tour at Violet Posy, if you’d like to see more people’s fabulous festive decs!

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3 Responses to Our Christmas Tree of Happy Memories!

  1. TheMadHouse says:

    I have a tree which is very similar, we but a decoration each year and it is filled with our history

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