Baby Boo was born January 2009.  I consider myself an ‘older’ mum and realise only now (when it’s too late!) why women were designed to have children a lot earlier in life!  Had to make the tough decision to dissolve the family business when Boo was 9 months old (sadly, a ‘victim’ of the economic times) and somehow after that, I now have my own freelance copywriting and marketing business (working from home when not at a client’s office).

When it comes to that sought after ‘tag’ of ‘Yummy Mummy’ status, had these ‘super-mum’ powers come naturally to me, I’m sure I would have breezed through and adored being put into that particular ‘box’.  However, the reality is that I’m as human as the next mother and I’m kind of fond of my imperfections, even if they sometimes make me feel like I’m a dowdy, neurotic loser.

I regularly fail miserably to hit the impossible goal of becoming the ultimate mum…and I have to say….more often than not….when I take time out to notice that moment, it makes me smile…..

Meantime, I’m juggling more and more of those balls, and getting a little bit better at it every day……


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